I saw this quote and it brought me back. As a Senior in high school, we were asked to write down our future goals which were to be published in the yearbook.

Some kids wrote funny goals such as future drummer for Bon Jovi or Michael Jordan’s limo driver.

Others went for lofty but more serious goals that involved many years of schooling.

I thought about my goal for a long time because I didn’t know “what I wanted to be when I grew up.” Also, this was going to be published and in writing forever.

I had nothing as the deadline approached. I thought long and hard but still had nothing profound to write. I asked myself instead of focusing on a title what do I want out of life.

Then, it hit me. I wanted to be happy. It didnt matter where I lived or what I did for a living. It was right in front of me. So simple yet so often misunderstood.

I figured it out. I wanted to “have fun and be happy.” That’s what I put in my yearbook and what I have spent the last 26 years trying to accomplish.

I’ve done a decent job achieving my goal. I need to be reminded at times but far more often than not I have a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

I’ve got my health and am surrounded by good people who love me. I can’t imagine asking for better than that.

#blog 365

Day 19 (albeit a few hours past curfew)

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