It was another fun-filled football weekend. Our team, the visitors (a detail that will be important later) lined up for a last-second, game winning field goal.

It was a low scoring, grind-it-out affair for four quarters. However, shortly after the football sailed throughout the uprights and our team began to celebrate like Super Bowl Champions, the refs called the kick no good.

Our team, the fans and even the coaches were speechless. The kick clearly didn’t split the uprights but it had plenty of leg behind it and seemed to clear the top of the right upright. Perhaps, if we were at home, the call would’ve been different?

The game went into overtime. The home team had their own worst nightmare come true when they had kicking issues of their own after the first possession.

Once, it was our ball, the team drove down the field and scored the winning touchdown. This time jubilation replaced frustration.

The stadium emptied before our team lined up for the last second kick in regulation. Those who stayed until the bitter end were rewarded with the sweet taste of victory.

“It ain’t over til it’s over!”


day 44

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