It was legendary. I couldn’t wait to tell this tale. It was sure to get a laugh, not just any kind of laugh. This laugh would be the throw your head back, gut-buster of the year.

I practiced my delivery and it was perfect. I waited for the opportune moment and pounced at the chance.

Everything was going according to schedule. Ensue laughter in 3…2…1…

And then it happened, an interruptus entered stage left. A no-good, two-timing, yellow-bellied, story highjacker stole the show.

He started talking as I was delivering my punchline. I couldn’t believe it. Did that just happen? It sure did.

Some people love them some them. Enough so, that anything you can do they can do better.

Does it really matter? Not so much. There will be more tales to tell.


day 75

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