It wasn’t easy. Sometimes, it feels like it never is. The circumstances were far from ideal. Given short notice and very little time to prepare instilled an overwhelming feeling of discomfort.

It wasn’t so much that the discomfort was associated with my newly assigned task. It was moreso that I now felt like my plan was turned upside down.

A well-planned evening was now sabotaged by these unforseen events that could have easily been introduced at an earlier date. The delivery was out of my hands though.

As the recipient of this information, I had two choices. Moan and groan or grin and bear it. I chose the latter. After a brief pity party, I realized that the former served little purpose.

What good would moaning and groaning do? Would anyone want to hear about poor me? Would moaning and groaning change my circumstances or give me more time to prepare?

The answers to those questions did not yield any positive results. So, the choice became clear. It was time to just do it. So, I did.


day 48

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