“Put your name on it.” -Herm Edwards


Former NFL coach Herm Edwards was a gem. Fiesty and straightforward, he kept it real.

Never one to shy away from the media, Coach Edwards always gave the fans a show.

One particular day, he got tired of all the rumor and speculation. Never one to mince words, Coach challenged a reporter who hid behind the cloak of anonymity.

Coach firmly laid down the gauntlet. He called for the mystery source to be a man (or a woman) and to put their name(s) on the quotes being irresponsibly bandied around town.

I had my own “put your name on it” moment. It was no time to hide. I wanted to make changes. I decided to take a page for the ol’ ball coach.

If change was going to happen NOW then I needed to stop making excuses and put my name on it.

#blog 365

Day 20

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