This is an update of my Day 17 post.

So, my friend who had the difficult life changing decision “decided” to make the move.

The “decision” was not reached with ease and is still unsettling. My advice at the 11th hour was “either way it has to be right for YOU.”

There were many other factors in play but my belief is that a person’s heart, mind, and soul need to be fully invested when making a decision of this magnitude.

You may notice the word “decision” surrounded by quotes. This was done by design because I am uncertain that this choice was made by choice. From my lens, which has gained an in-depth vantage point due to hours of conversation, this choice seemed largely based on a sense of obligation.

However this shakes out, I want my friend to be happy and at peace.

A decision that is now out of his hands will soon be made. I’m curious to see how this turns out.

I will return once more with an update.


Day 30

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