Whoa Nellie! The road was long and unforgiving but I had plenty of gas in the tank and a song in my heart.

As tempting as it was, I could not turn back. Each glance in the rearview forced me to look into my own eyes...my own soul.

I kept asking myself if the journey was worth enduring the aching loneliness and aggravation. These pains paled in comparison to the perceived pain of a journey unfinished.

Upon the nightfall, my endurance was put to the test. Could I outlast the physical and mental fatigue caused by this trip? I had traveled many miles, yet still felt not so far from home.

The promise of a brand-new day and the feeling that hope springs eternal kept me going. I realized that in order to move forward my only option was to keep steadily applying pressure to the gas pedal.

Regardless of how tired I get each day, the strength of my faith inspires me to keep moving forward. The strength of my faith forces me to approach each day with my head up and a smile on my face.


day 41