Arcol Closed Beta — “User Centric”

Paul O'Carroll
2 min readJan 13, 2023



One of the things I preach internally is that we need to be user centric, but what does this mean? The user should be at the core of every decision we make, either by measuring how this decision makes their job easier, faster or more enjoyable. With that statement in mind, I think it’s time we put our money where our mouth is and start showing users what we’re building.

It’s been just over 18 months since I started Arcol. In that time we’ve hired a world class team, laid solid foundations for Arcol’s product, built amazing relationships with early users and began to define what the future of building design should be like in AEC. We’ve done this with the help of an awesome group of early closed alpha users (thank you everyone), and we’re working with a handful of architectural firms to continue to help shape the future of Arcol.

We’ve written blog posts describing our vision but we know that seeing is believing, so to kick off 2023 we want to give more people access to Arcol!

(If you don’t know where this GIF is from, then you’re not allowed on the closed beta…… just kidding)

Today, we’re taking a small step to changing that, we’re launching into closed beta.

As a closed beta user you’ll get to use and test Arcol while it’s being built, and your feedback will directly influence our roadmap. If you’re interested head over to our site and sign up — we’ll be adding new users every couple of weeks to our closed beta Slack channel.

We have a lot of exciting announcements coming this year so stay tuned…we’re looking forward to working with you!