Welcoming Rudi to Arcol

Paul O'Carroll
2 min readOct 30, 2023


I’m excited to announce another awesome addition to the Arcol team.

Rudi has spent the last 5 years at Figma building tools for designers. Earlier in his career he worked at companies like AirBnb, Jane Street & Side Effects. We’re excited for him to bring all that experience to helping us build “Figma for BIM”.

Here’s a little from Rudi:

Joining Arcol is the next chapter in my career building my favorite type of software: highly interactive tools for professionals.

If anything, it brings me full circle to how I began in the industry. My first internship was at Side Effects Software, which developed a procedural 3D effects tool. Although I never pursued the path to become a 3D graphics expert, I dabbled in it occasionally throughout the years, working on simple hobby projects like 3D fractal renderers and a GPU-based terrain generator.

These days, my key strengths revolve around building complex frontend applications. Tools like Figma and Arcol occupy a unique intersection in software design. They are part web app, part distributed system, and part game engine, presenting a plethora of distinctive challenges that necessitate a deep understanding of first principles thinking and computer science fundamentals. This is what makes engineering enjoyable. What makes it rewarding is the ability to create tangible user benefits by applying these principles.

It is exciting to work at a small startup again, and it is a particularly exciting time to be part of Arcol. We’re aiming to build a collaborative, easy to use, modern product for architecture. After spending the last 5 years working on a similar product in the design tools space, I’m confident that with the right execution, we can create something of high value. I believe Arcol is approaching an inflection point in this regard, so I am very excited to contribute to the team in achieving it.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, a core part of my thesis for building Arcol is to focus on having a small, lean team that is incredibly talented. We are extremely patient in hiring for Arcol, getting to work with incredible people like Rudi is what makes it worth it.