What is Fintech Ireland?
Dave Anderson


Circle was founded in the USA and has reverted to a “brass plate” in Ireland as they originally were ;) http://uk.businessinsider.com/goldman-sachs-backed-circle-plans-london-office-for-european-expansion-2015-10

So better remove them.

“Alternative currency” ? Blockchain might be a better category.

Won’t you have to pay Peter Oakes(an Australian) a royalty ? as he has ownership of everything “Fintech Ireland” :D

©Fintech Ireland and ©Fintech. Fintech Ireland (523657) and Fintech (523656) are registered with the Companies Registration Office in Ireland
www.fintechireland.com / www.fintechireland.ie / www.irishfintech.ie / www.irishfintech.com

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