It Takes Two

Yes, the bounds of eternal love and commitment are forged between (at minimum) two people. Dos, II, a pair. It’s very basic science really, it takes two materials to bond. Could we agree that it takes two to bond and spend the rest of their days happily ever after? Over the past 13 years in the catering and events field I have always noticed one common occurrence: the second party is sometimes placed on the back burner. Yes, I agree that most couples have one person strong suited for wedding cosmetics. Couples tend to forget there are individual opinions racing around a joint decision.

When I consult with a couple taking on the task of planning a ceremony and reception, I always try to think of what I would want my partner to have. We easily choose to focus on the flowers, the cake, and the band. In reality we should be focusing on the inclusion of our partner. Our partner has been there through the good, the bad, and everything in between. They stand by our sides and offer their shoulder when need be. Through everything, we have learned a little something about who they are and what makes them smile.

When planning this monumental day you need to remember that there are two people involved in the great couple you’re a part of. Stop and focus on your partner. If you take the time to focus on your partner during the planning process, your wedding day will be even more filled with love than you ever thought it could be. Weddings are about love, the accessories are about the wedding. Don’t lose sight of what’s important.

The Rehearsal Reception — Make this dinner about your partner. Do something that represents what they love and who they are. This could be doing a cocktail hour at a speak-easy themed bar, or a BBQ, or a bourbon tasting. This is a great opportunity to showcase why you love them, and who you are together.

Give them the royal treatment you expect. Yes, this means send them for a day at the spa, buy them a massage, a manicure, a straight razor shave. Show them that they are right there at the top of your list. You’re priority is your partner, that’s why you’re getting married to them. During the crazy, hectic, and sometimes (very) stressful planning of the wedding, remember it is the little things that make it all special. The little things not only make the big-day special, but they also make every day special if you let them.

In the end, it’s about the two of you. The life you start together is one that is bound by your quirks and their goofy mannerisms. Don’t let a wedding or ceremony get in the way of what made you fall in love with them in the first place.