Paul Polasek

March 6, 2017

I have begun work to remove the taxing authority of Victoria County Drainage District #3 from within the city limits of Victoria.

The drainage district has been in existence for over 100 years. The boundaries of the district include many properties in the southern and southeast portions of the city. Residents and business owners pay taxes to Drainage District 3 but receive virtually no benefit. For most individual property owners, the annual property tax liability is fairly small, but it adds up over the years.

More importantly, the portion of total taxable property within the city limits accounts for approximately 82% of the total property value of the Drainage District #3. In other words, city residents are funding the majority of the drainage district's operations.

Beginning in late 2015, I attempted to work with the drainage district to convince them to perform maintenance work in the city limits, specifically to take over mowing of several drainage outfalls. My original intent was for the citizens of Victoria, who fund the majority of Drainage District #3 operations, to derive some benefit for the taxes paid. After repeated meetings, we were able to get a small amount of mowing done on one occasion.

Upon further consideration, I do not believe the city residents will receive near enough benefit for the taxes they pay. I feel it is unfair for city residents to continue to subsidize the drainage projects of a few county residents.

I do understand the argument that rain water originating in the city contributes to the flow into the lone tree creek basin; however, in recent years, the city has taken it upon itself to mitigate the impact of any increased water run off through the creation of the lone tree detention facility near Airline Road. The expense of creating the detention facility ($2.5 Million) was born entirely by city taxpayers.

I am currently discussing the issue with our state legislators and working on ways to accomplish the removal of this tax on the citizens of Victoria.

On Tuesday March 7th, the city council will vote on a resolution of support for the removal. I will also be attending the Victoria County commissioner’s court meeting Monday, March 6th requesting that they consider a similar resolution on their March 13th agenda.

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