Maybe Instead Of Police Brutality, We Should Pay Some Attention To Police Fatality

Thank you! Thank you!” a truly ecstatic young Christian Pierson yelled as he pawed through a mountain of over 100 gifts he was given for his fifth birthday. Five-year-old Christian Pierson isn’t generally spoiled in this spectacular fashion, but it was an especially unique occasion, this was the first birthday he spent without his father. Rochester Police Officer Daryl Pierson was shot on Sept. 3 as he chased a suspect on foot. Daryl would have had his own birthday celebration the next day with his wife Amy, Christian, and 4-month-old daughter Charity, had he not been mercilessly gunned down in his prime by a criminal.

Unless you’re in the Rochester area it is most likely that you have not heard about the amazing generosity by the community or the hapless family that had their father suddenly and unfairly taken away 17 days before his 33rd birthday. The national media will not memorialize Pierson or vilify Thomas Johnson III, who is charged with six felonies, including aggravated murder, for the perverse slaughtering Daryl Pierson.

Sadly, the mainstream media only focuses on when police may use excessive force when dealing with criminals who are not cooperating and resisting arrest, and putting the officer and general public in a precarious situation. The media doesn’t discuss on how some police have to be on edge during their entire shift because they are a target. The media won’t document how large portions of society have no regard for authority and would like nothing more than ill-will to cops.

However the media is just part of the problem, the other problem is you and me. For some crazy reason people don’t get outraged when a member of law enforcement gets injured or killed in the line of duty. These are the same people that keep your community safe, and keep danger away from your children. However if there is a shaky video of a criminal resisting arrest and the police use a taser or try to incapacitate an unlawful individual the public loses their minds. Maybe if we didn’t buy newspapers that promote fake outrage, watch television “news” programs that don’t actually care about those affected by police brutality, the media wouldn’t cover it as much. Maybe, just maybe if we shared a story on Facebook of a police officer being the victim of criminal brutality or even worse a police fatality, we could change the culture of the over-sensationalizing media.

Thank a cop today, they’re putting their lives at stake attempting to make your neighborhood safe and keep felons at bay. We gratefully thank those in law enforcement and recognize the 66 officers who paid the ultimate sacrifice this year.

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