The Multiverse Is Inevitable, And We’re Living In It
Ethan Siegel

  1. Do all these alternate universes share the same spacetime (namely our 3+1 dimensions), or do they exist within other dimensional realms?
  2. If the latter, are they also 3+1 spacetimes? If so, what makes 3+1 so special? If not, what other possibilities are there — 1+1, 2+2, 1+3, 3218938923+43293201, etc.?
  3. In principle, is there any means of traveling between these alternate universes? A wormhole in our spacetime doesn’t seem to cut it.
  4. Did the Borg ever adapt to transphasic torpedoes? If so, what new weapons did the Federation of the far future develop to combat them this time?

Every new theory always brings more questions than answers. Is there even a hope for any fundamental truth?

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