The dissident author is gone but won’t be forgotten.

Photo: Ulf Andersen, 1987

Bill Gates says artificial intelligence is the future career of choice. But do you need to be an Einstein?

A new bot built by a top team is an important part of her new album’s launch

Soon to be labeled “Very responsive to messages” on Facebook

What matters in “fintech,” and where the technology is going

Stanford study finds Woebot helps depressed and anxious students elevate their moods

Shopify’s Kit bot posts merchants’ ads, email, and social media updates— and now for free

Forrester report lists three big mistakes

Not clearly defining the bot’s purpose

Why does your organization have chatbot in the first place? As with smartphone apps, some organizations haven’t thought through their goals yet. It’s hard to have success when you’re not sure what success is.

Key similarities and differences you need to know

Why you should. How to do it. How to advertise your ad bot.

The Advertising Potential of Chatbots

“With bots we can envision an entirely new high-water mark for brand engagement.”

How to Use Chatbots for Advertising

“You’ll need to update your 100-slide brand deck and switch the title from…

You already launched? Of course you did. Now plan to have a plan.

Step 1: Plan To Make the Bot a Full-Time Project


Paul Boutin

Tech and publishing industry old-timer but still a promising young man.

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