Week 1 — The beginning

It has already been one week into the bootcamp, and what a week !

We had the chance to visit StartUp Palace on Wednesday and talk with some of the entrepreneurs working there. StartUp Palace opened in Nantes in Sept. 2015 and is a co-working space also offering seminars, community events and cool “aperos”. Many big and smaller startups are already installed there (including branches of TakeIt Easy, Drivy and Uber or Doyoubuzz) and it was really nice to discuss with some of their actors. This is also where we’ll do our DemoDay end of July, when we’ll present our final projects to the public. Tension Up !

Thursday was dedicated to Ruby’s Iterators and the notion of blocks, where we discovered the mysterious YIELD element. Yield allows you to inject code into a method as follows :

def my_method
puts “reached the top”
puts “reached the bottom”
my_method do
puts “reached yield”

This is a very simple example but things got difficult when we started to use yield(parameter). I am not so comfortable with the notion yet and look forward to practicing more examples.

Friday was a first introduction to Hashes, that we’ll use a lot when we’ll start studying objects. They work a bit like arrays but are more flexible. I really liked hashes, similar to dictionaries and enabling you to associate values to specific keys. These really helped to get things concrete and start imagining their utility in databases and practical usages.

Ruby’s syntax for arrays and hashes

I spent a couple of hours on Saturday working on additional exercises with David, one of my classmates. It was nice to feel the sensation of progress on problems that seemed huge a few days ago.

Sunday equaled “rest” (and not REST). Quick stop to a see a massive sailboat: the Bellem. Then headed to the famous “Machines” to see huge mechanical structures. Nantes finally got sunny, so did the vibe.

Off to a great Week 2 !

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