5 Quick Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers.

Freepik — 5 Quick Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers.

Got big dreams of Instagram success? Maybe you back your business, product or point of view and want others, lots of others, on Instagram to check you out.

You’re putting in the hard yards crafting content and you’ve got your close circle of friends or family following you, plus you’re slowly picking up fresh followers who are engaging with your work and letting you know you’re onto something special. It’s neat, but it’s slow. What more can you do?

Thinking about buying Instagram followers? Sure, no matter what your goal on Instagram is, it seems a pretty quick and easy fix to get the ball rolling. A quick Google search shows you plenty of options for buying Instagram followers. Many look like they won’t hit your wallet too hard, either.

What harm could it do? You hand over the dosh and start to see your followers grow, fast. A few additions to your follower count will help nab the attention of real people who will then engage with your content and it’ll be easy breezy nailing your goals from there, right?

Wrong. Here are 5 quick reasons not to buy instant fake followers or likes on Instagram.

1. It’s bogus ‘engagement’

Much like any other relationship, you’ve got to consider what you really want with your Instagram followers.

Instant fake followers might boost your follower count, but they aren’t actually engaged in your content. There isn’t a real person on the end of that account appreciating what you’re doing. Why bother putting in the hard yards, spooling up some kickass content, if no-one is actually enjoying it?

Whether you’re on Instagram to share your brunch snaps with your Mum, grow your business or earn some money as an influencer partnering with brands, buying Instagram followers simply won’t be helping you achieve your goals. Boosting that follower number might be a nice wee hit of dopamine at first, but it’s certainly not going to get you anywhere in the long-term.

While there are various methods of measuring engagement, each with pros and cons, the fact of the matter is that fake followers won’t be engaged with what you’re up to. Check out what happened when Hootsuite undertook an experiment with buying Instagram followers, Spoiler alert: they ended up with, “A bizarre mix of teenagers posting shirtless selfies, accounts with no posts at all, and more than a few bots peddling webcam porn.” Yeah that’s probably not what you’re aiming for, is it?

So if you’re not continuously improving your craft for real followers based on what you know they’re truly into, what’s the point? If you’re in it for the long haul, hoping to have your followers engage with you and support what you’re up to, help you really grow, buying Instagram followers is not for you.

2. It’s not tough to spot cheats when you know how

Yep. Any ambitions to have sweet brands partner with you may as well go down the drain if you’re lying about your influence.

Or if you’re sure you’ve got the next best thing since sliced bread, nice one. I’d love to hear all about it. But respect your target audience and trust in your product. Don’t try simply buying Instagram followers to get a leg up on spreading the word.

Fake followers won’t actually help you reach your real target market. Plus, even if you’re tempted as a one-off to get yourself off to a smashing start, once a cheater always a cheater. Anyone with access to the internet can size up your integrity with a few clicks, there are plenty of tools online that will assess the authenticity of an account’s followers.

Even without tools, there are a few key things you’ll notice about accounts with fake followers:

  • Blank, odd, or blatantly copied bios and stock photos
  • Way less followers compared to accounts someone is following
  • Random comments (or worse — see point 3)
  • Followers who have bursts of activity in short periods of time

Look, the long and short of it is no-one’s impressed by a cheat. Don’t be tempted by a quick fix of buying Instagram followers over putting in the hard yards. It’s obvious and it’s not going to convince anyone to buy what you’re selling or take an interest in how you see the world.

3. ‘Hello spammy softporn bots, welcome!’

Buying Instagram followers is essentially laying down the welcome mat for all sorts of things to show up on your content. Yep, any ‘engagement’ you do get on your posts is not guaranteed to be good for your reputation, as Hootsuite’s experiment mentioned.

Random, or an eyeful of straight up inappropriate comments on your posts aren’t going to make anyone authentic keen to follow you if they do stumble across your account. The risk of spam from buying Instagram followers really flies in the face of the idea that fake followers might attract real followers, eh.

Still think the risk’s slim? Think again. A Bot Traffic Report by data security company Imperva Incapsula found that over half the traffic online is from bots, of which over half again is bad bot activity. In buying fake followers you could be helping spread a heap of bad Instagram accounts to real people which won’t be good for business, or even end up catching something yourself.

You only get out what you put in. Don’t open your brand up to the damage that can be done by fake followers. It’s simply not worth it.

4. Lying about your stats will confuse you, aswell.

What does success look like? No metric is perfect but it’s even harder to sort the fact from the fiction when you’re faced with a dirty data set.

Again, this comes back to asking yourself what you’re really in the game for anyway. If it’s to boost your business or create content that people enjoy, buying Instagram followers is not for you.

Seeing a big spike in fake likes, comments or followers from buying Instagram followers is only going to make it super tough for you to know if what you’re doing is actually getting you any closer to reaching your goals.

You could be doing more, less, or something completely different to really get your authentic followers hanging on your every word. But how will you know that if your stats are padded out with fake followers? You won’t, so don’t do it.

5. It breaches Instagram’s Ts and Cs

Yeah at the end of the day, it’s straight up against the rules to buy Instagram followers.

If the risk of opening yourself and your real followers up to bad bots, damaging your reputation with potential partnerships, putting off your real followers, and confusing your measures of success aren’t enough to dissuade you from wading into the murky waters of buying Instagram followers, consider this: Is it really worth the risk of losing your account completely?


So buying instant fake followers is a no-go, whats my top recommendation for an Instafamous-aspiring account to do?

I get it, you’ve got big dreams of Instagram success. You back your business, product or point of view. You’re crafting content and you’re slowly picking up fresh real followers who are engaging with your work. It’s neat, but it’s slow. What more can you do? There must be a smart alternative to buying Instagram followers.

No sweat, there are legit services out there that use trusted marketing techniques on Instagram to help you grow your account, without the risks mentioned above. Instead of fake followers, authentic growth services like SocialSteeze can help you see real, targeted, engaged results.

How? A fair question to raise and I’m glad you’re asking. There are a few targeting methods which aren’t simply loading your account up on fake followers and likes. Whether it’s using hashtags to engage with real people, getting in on the usernames of those you look up to and their followers, or your competitors and their followers, people in specific locations, or the ability to blacklist specific users if you want, they’ve got you covered.

But look, the techniques aren’t the point here. The point is authentic growth services are not about the fake followers and likes which come with the myriad of problems mentioned above. Instead, services like SocialSteeze are all about growing your Instagram, authentically. They simply connect your Instagram content with real people. So it all still comes down to the quality of the content you post — you have to bring your A-game.

But if you truly do back your business, product or point of view, that’s perfect. That’s all you’ll need to smash it, with none of the baggage that comes with buying Instagram followers.

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