How can startups work fewer hours and perform more A deep dive Into our work culture

As time is the most valuable asset for both you and me this article will focus on just 6 Important points regarding work culture and how we apply it in our day to day life at our startup.

By Injecting the six commandments of work culture aggresively in to our DNA we have achieved a lot in the past 11 months we have managed to

1 > Increased our productivity by 35% which helped us deliver two strong products both on desktop ( & mobile (Alchetron APP) within a small time frame & less resource exhaustion

2 > Increased our user base from 5000 to 45000 growing at 50% MoM

3 > Exponential Increase In our social media fan base

Any organization small or big or start-ups can apply these points in their culture learn, share & benefit from it as well.

Always Work with good people

Make sure to hire good people. Intelligence & Cleverness are important but character is more important than that. Make sure to test mind, heart & soul when you interview them.

Remember sometimes you can hire wrong people as well only when they work with your team you get an idea of the cultural fit. If it doesn’t fit try to train them understand their problems, give them what they like to do, still if it doesn’t works out then move on let them go away they wont be able to fit your work culture find someone else .

Dont work overtime or extra time

Never ever work extra time or stay late in office 10 am — 6 pm or max 7 pm with lunch breaks and snack breaks are the best time slots to work you wont be productive after 6 pm that’s for sure, so no point in wasting your time sitting late at office get your ASS out ASAP go to home watch TV, drink beer chill up, Play with your pets or children, spend time with your family & friends .
Leaders should encourage their team to close everything and run to their home after office hours At Alchetron we strictly follow these things.

Ban after Office/Holiday phone Calls and Emails

Seriously this is the most frustating thing for your team. Do not disturb people once they leave office. work should be always left at office not at your home. Dont ever take work to your home. Do not disturb people on holidays
We at alchetron work hard and play hard. Since the working day is focused on delivering pure productivity, the off hours should be off hours only.

Give as much holidays as possible whenever people ask for it

When I used to work as a software engineer the most horrible thing was not getting leaves and this is a horrible problem faced by most of the people around world.

Imagine you have planned a vacation with your family or you have to go to a cousins wedding everything is pre-planned your manager calls up and ruins it all this is the worst experience which can be really frustrating for people.

That’s the reason we never ever say no while giving holidays to our team. Its simple if people want to work they will do great work if they feel “ ok today I don’t want to work they will not work”, No messing around peoples choices.

Love your work & Give people what they want to or love to do

Leaders should continuously ask their team members if they are loving their work & continuous feedback sessions must be in place for work related problems and other problems faced by your team members.If people never like what they are doing they wont be able to give 100% for sure. So make sure not to ignore this point.

Engage team members socially

Humans are social animals Have some fun time daily, weekly or monthly parties, games, hangouts, trips depending on your budget make sure to not ignore these activities.


Team Alchetron

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