Bootcamp XI- Th e first two days at Andela

It has been four days since we started boot camp XI but technically it has been two. The first day was all about introductions, meeting new boot-campers as well as getting acquainted with our facilitators. The day began with being welcomed to a cup of coffee or tea, it all depended on one’s preference. This was a good chance to get familiar with other boot- campers who were in all honesty very friendly. The room filled with enthusiastic chatter on what the expectations of not only the day but also, the whole boot camp experience .

At around 9 o’clock we took to the field, this is a culture at Andela which include playing some physical mind games to get started with the day. This is not only to cheer and freshen people up but also an opportunity to bond with other members as well as fellows. I can actually admit that I got to know close to half of the boot-campers names, so according to me it was a successful gaming time.

After the exercise which took about thirty minutes and we were back to class business. The first topic was test driven development, this was to get us a familiar with the most preferred mode of development. It practically involves writing down tests before getting to write down the actual code. This ensures that once you start coding the program itself, the tests will act as reference or rather points to keep you in check. The second topic was version control using git. A new thing that I came to love about the sessions was that they were interactive in nature. They were all about giving input where you can, as well as collaborating toward achieving a certain objective. In addition to that it’s a chance to give extra input in ways in which a particular solution can be achieved.

The afternoon session was more of exercises where we were given tasks in groups. Three tasks a Fibonacci sequence, a function that generates prime numbers in a given interval as well as well as a blog spot on growth mindset. This was another chance to bond with team members, assisting each other out. What I got from the first day was the importance of collaboration and teamwork.

The second boot camp day was an off the campus and we were to tackle exercises and submit hem by the end of the day. The task that i found most challenging was modelling a real life problem using Object Oriented Programming. All OOP concepts were quite clear to me however, finding the most suitable problem as well as the actual coding was a bit tedious. Fortunately once i was done with choosing the appropriate problem everything else became smoother and easier.

Having finished the days exercises i believe it only beneficial to me if i started preparing for tomorrows exercises. So far so good and i hope that all ends well as it all started.

Adios for now.