Should I write? Maybe Next Weekend

It’s been four months now since I landed at the Gold coast. This was the name given to the independent nation Ghana by the British masters. There was something very different in this country from what I am used to (Besides the fact that everyone works out in this country. Damn they are fit!!). Where I come from things are fast. What do I mean? People can easily convert your stuff to theirs in seconds, especially if you are a foreigner. They have this eye that sees opportunities of gaining from someone else’s lose (Is that good English?). I call it Baptism by Fire. What’s different then? The people here are genuinely good. Do not be fooled by how loud they can get.

I am from Nairobi, Kenya. Four months in Accra, Ghana and I can tell you we are different. Differences makes things beautiful. Imagine how boring life would be if things were all same. Did you imagine that? one race, one gender, one culture, one specie of every living thing! Would you like that? No? I thought so. Now Nairobi is faster, people are always on a run. They are always after that mkwanja. Mkwanja is sheng(a slung in Kenya) for money. This city never sleeps. We should be a 24 hour economy by now. We need to get visionary leaders that see this. When is the next election again?

Now what do we have in common? We both have a strong affinity in technology. That is why I am here. Everyday has been a wonderful learning experience for me. Personally I believe the next big thing(in tech) will come from Africa. I worked in a telecommunications company back in Kenya for 5 years. I am always fascinated by great innovations and that is why I enjoyed being part of that market leader in telecoms. The experiences I gathered there are priceless. It is so fulfilling to see products you were part of go to the market and become a big thing. Your eyes glitter when you see them transforming lives in thousands. You take that deep breath and smile. That’s when I get a beer and it tastes 20 times better. Beer tastes better when you feel good, I know you know what I’m talking about!

What am I doing in Ghana? Take a guess………………………....…………….. I quit my job. Why? Remember the fulfilling stuff I was talking about? I want to ride in that feeling all my life. I am an entrepreneur at heart and want to build my own. A software company with like minds who see problems as opportunities. Like minds from 3 different countries; Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria living as one community. One year of intense learning. Learning from the best to build the best global standard solutions. I know live in the world of tech startups. This will be the foundation, wait until you see the house…

I’ve gained a lot of knowledge in the last four months. I blink and the week is over! I cannot believe they year is already at sunset. If you are not learning, you are definitely not living. It’s the only way you will get better at anything. Dare to learn something new everyday, actually make it three new things. You will be surprised at who you turn out to be. You might find out who you are while at it? The purpose of your being. I see things differently. Remember difference is beauty and I see it everyday.

This feels good. So should I write? I just did, no more ‘next weekend’ story. Should I write a next post? I sure will tell you what’s being going down over the last few months and boy there is some juice in there. This is a techpreneurs journey. See you next.

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