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12 Simple Security Tips for Crypto Teams

Paul Walsh
Feb 7, 2018 · 1 min read
  1. Shred paper. Don’t dispose of it in a bin (trash can).
  2. Use @1Password or other password app.
  3. Don’t use a phone number for password backup and recovery.
  4. Remove root access to all important computer systems from high profile executives / founders.
  5. Encrypt customer data.
  6. Protect your community with anti-phishing tools.
  7. Don’t leave your computer alone on a table at a cafe.
  8. Don’t sell any digital devices on the web.
  9. Don’t store emails in a text file or spreadsheet.
  10. Your service providers are a target — advise them.
  11. Hire a Chief Security Officer as soon as you have funds.
  12. Have fun.

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