How to disable the Slack API to prevent phishing attacks inside Cryptocurrency communities

Cryptocurrency communities that read this post and follow my instructions in the video, will save a lot of people from losing their life’s savings through phishing attacks that occur via the Slack API inside their Slack community. This will increase the number of Token and ICO investments as people feel more safe and secure opening links.

In 2017 so far, cybercriminals have made $225M in revenue from the cryptocurrency world alone. Over half of that, $115M, was made through phishing attacks with over 30,000 victims losing money

Phishing is the #1 problem faced by the entire crypto world today. And in my opinion, will be a much bigger problem in 2018 as the media draws more attention to cryptocurrency and it becomes more acceptable by mainstream.


By disabling the Slack API as shown in the video, you make it more time consuming for bad actors to attack communities with phishing scams. It does not prevent them entirely. So it’s important to also install security software inside Slack.

You can check to see if your own Slack instance has restricted access to the API.

If it says “Create token” your community is exposed. If it says “Request token” your community is more safe.

You can also check to see if the other communities in which you’re a member, have restricted access. If you’re a member of a community that allows you to Create a token, please share this video and if they don’t have MetaCert installed, ask them to add it and join the club.

Protect your Slack community

If you haven’t installed MetaCert yet, you should join Omise, Golem, SingularDTV, HelloGold, Indorse, Kik, Enigma and many other amazing crypto communities, by installing MetaCert to protect your community inside Slack from phishing attacks.

Go to MetaCert to learn more. We have a major beta release, so please get in touch if you would like early access to an even more powerful security solution for Slack.

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