Why PokemonGo is ruining your life.

Yes, this is going to be about that ARG on your phone that everyone can’t stop talking about. Despite it being a very broken piece of technology, everyone seems like they can’t stop playing it, myself included. So, what makes PokemonGo so darn addictive?

It lets you live out your childhood dream. Remember those days when you had nothing better to do, but to sit down and bask in the glow of your television? Well, you should because PokemonGo brings all of that back, throwing you into the Kanto region of the Pokemon world, searching far and wide for all kinds of the original 151 Pokemon. Now you get to be a Pokemon master in your own backyard! This game lets you see Pokemon in real life using your phone’s camera, throw Pokeballs at them, and give them a silly nickname.

It has a very low barrier of entry. Getting started is super simple. You open the app, get your starter, and you’re throwing balls in no time. Obviously, some features aren’t straight forward, and even throwing Pokeballs has it’s own twists (wink wink), but getting started is no hassle at all, that is, if the servers are up.

Everyone is playing. Your friends are playing it, your parents are playing it, the elderly couple across the street are playing it. After the Japan release, the whole world was playing PokemonGo. The least you could do is download it and check it out.

The social aspect. PokemonGo is dragging all the shut-ins outside and putting them in the face of fellow trainers. The server places a Pokemon somewhere in the world and then trainers flock to that point. Through these interactions, trainers get their social fix, and maybe even a friend.

It holds secrets. Games nowadays don’t really believe in cheat codes or hidden secrets. However, PokemonGo brings back those schoolyard vibes by only telling you the minimum required to play. Because it doesn’t tell you everything, like spinning your Pokeballs, what the rings mean, controlling eevee-lutions, egg distances, etc., you need to ask around and discover them for yourself. This leads to speculation, rumors, and the satisfaction of finding hidden treasures.

So, there it is. These are few, among many, reasons why PokemonGo is great. However, it’s not all sunshine and Butterfrees. I love PokemonGo, but I have to say that I’m quickly losing interest. Once I got out of the honeymoon stage, the flaws that I once excused became unacceptable (like, how many times do I need to restart the game to finally catch that Pidgey?!). While PokemonGo kills it on onboarding, their retention needs work. If you’re like me, you’ll have your life back in a month or so.