How To Hug The Man That Killed Your Wife
Vegar Svanemyr

This forgiveness business is a tricky one. My sister-in-law was paralyzed last December. Her mind is fine but her body and speech are…severely damaged. The man, age 32, who her hit her was driving recklessly, texting and probably high. While we were waiting for a court date he overdosed by huffing aerosol. I felt relief. Knowing that it would not be up to the courts to decide guilt or innocence. The law is not just — it’s just the law, and all that. I guess I felt since he was dead I didn’t have to forgive him. Reading your story I felt the first bit of thawing of my heart. I didn’t realize I was carrying this burden. Thank you for sharing your story and helping me see forgiveness is not about who’s at fault. It’s forgiveness.

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