Don’t work for a million cars and lose a million friends on the way…

It is wrong to work for a million cars and to lose a million friends on the way.

How to win friends.

Don't judge others without knowing them.

Actually, try not to judge others at all.

Try to gather information about a person in a first conversation so that you can help him or her grow, develop, and overcome challenges.

Build trust and create a fruitful ground for synergies. Find your common goals and interests.

Don’t Just Promise, Plan.

Don’t make easy promises without taking into account the homework that follows.

Instead, make plans together with others so that the expectations of everyone involved are seen and so that these expectations can be managed in everybody’s best interest.

This way, the dreams of different people can come true together, sometimes even at the same time.

We must understand that each of us has grown more power of decision making because of the spread of the internet and social media.

We must act responsibly in our every day decisionmaking, in our interactions with others, and also when dealing with ourselves.

Whenever you can, be kind.

Life is hard and it is of no use to throw bad energy around.

Don’t work for a million cars and lose a million friends on the way…

I have a million friends, so I also have access to a million cars.

Life’s your Ego Show. Be Egocentric.

Time with yourself and self-centered thoughts are of highest importance for your own growth and for the growth of those who depend on you.

The only person who is, was and always will be the center of your own life experience is you.

If you don’t like your own perception of your reality it’s nobody’s problem but your own.

Fix it.

Your life is not about the problems you encounter but about the ways in which you deal with them.


We all fight very hard in our lives and we should be proud of ourselves.

Be thankful for other hard working people in your community who face their every day struggles.

Only when we empower others in all honesty (but without forgetting ourselves along the way) can we grow strong and loyal friendships or partnerships that will bring us further together for a long time.

Fear & Feelings.

Understand that emotions come and go as impulsive reactions very quickly because they are the combined evolutionary survival mechanism of the body, brain and heart.

Try to stay open and aware when someone is being rude or offensive to you, and also if they become defensive or if they give you the silent treatment.

In moments of fear, people don’t behave the way they normally do.

Chill out and don’t take things so personally.


When another is sad and in need of love, give them a hug and some of your warmth without expecting anything in return:

This is called unconditional giving.

We all need a kind word and a shoulder to cry on sometimes.

We are not god. We are human.

We have flaws and we can help each other deal with them.

Four hands can carry more than two alone, if the four hands are not busy holding weapons.

Dealing With Others.

When another person is sad, try not to present theoretical solutions that could possibly help them out.

Try to calm the person down first with a hug and approach them again with more logical stuff or a plan of help a little later.

Logic never helps when emotions take over. It never has and it never will.

Learn to pick your learnings.

Nobody accept for yourself can guide you through your life. Your parents take care of you when you’re a kid (say thank you), and teach you some of the skills you’ll need along the way.

If the skills you’ve learned up until now don’t help you just don’t hold on to them.

Say goodbye in peace, say thanks and let them go.

It’s your life and nobody else's, so make sure to live it in harmony with your own taste.

If you learn new skills that are healthy and helpful, use them without judging yourself.

About Inner Freedom.

Inner freedom doesn’t reside in a house, it either lives in a soul or it doesn’t.

Just like a house needs to be kept clean and orderly so that you can feel good and safe in it, your soul must be taken care of too.

The only person who can take care of your own soul is you.

Not. Your. Bank.Account.

Not your friends.

Not even your wife, your children or your parents can touch the center of your inner compass.

You can.

The highest form of knowledge, and it cannot be read in any book, is the knowledge about yourself.

No doctor can save you from yourself, so please try not to treat yourself so badly.

How to feel rich!

Never trade your natural instincts and your inner freedom in for material riches.

The purpose of life is to feel in peace with the whole.

This feeling, at least for me, is called happiness.

Happy living is a way of life.

It can be found in every day, in every person and in every place.

If you cannot find happiness it is your own problem and nobody else’s.

If others can’t give you what you want, stop asking for it.

Go back to the center of your inner compass and search inside yourself again.

Create your own solution, be your own superhero.

After you’ve saved yourself, go out and empower others.

Written by Paula Schwarz

August 12th, 2018.

Berlin, Germany.