Why digital leaders must engage in Datanomics

I guess a person can only take so much radically honest feedback that revolves around the idea of ‘you cannot do that’, and so digital leaders have withdrawn.

Because they can.

They can do ‘that’.

And they can do it fast.

As a person who stands between the worlds — online and offline — I deem it necessary to bring those worlds together. Politicians and hardcore digital leaders or exteme innovators who have a massive impact on society due to the effects of their projects seldomly interact.

Digital leaders must be invited into the societies they are shaping.

Can you see how confused everyone is?

People try to follow what’s happening in everyday politics, but the next minute they turn their eyes to their phones and notice a digital revolution, financial freedom and accessibility of services that is beyond anything they could have ever imagined.

Citizens are often not even allowed to access certain aspects of this new digital reality because governments consider them to be ‘illegal’.

Personally, I have rarely seen radically different digital leaders or hackers be invited to the table for a formal discussion with a governmental official.

Do you think this is done enough?

I have mostly seen them get locked up or be hunted down.

Consequently, to invite them to sessions of the World Datanomic Forum I will most likely also have to try and hunt them down.

In a nice way ;)

The problem of communication

One problem in the sessions of the World Datanomic Forum will be that most hackers and digital leaders don’t really like to talk offline — they prefer to create.

It’s somewhat understandable as they also feel misunderstood in return.

Political leaders have to constantly speak to and engage with the public. Their job is to bring inspiring messages to the people and to create a vision for a better future. Thus, it is advisable for politicians who are invited to the forum to keep a calm and tranquil tone of voice, and to be as direct as possible.

Mission Statement of the World Datanomic Forum

Digital leaders know that technology will enable us to make every human being free.

To organise resources and services and voting structures related to public matters in a way that can give freedom to all.

We have to get together and talk:

This is about responsibility and about your place in history. What will be written about you on the blockchain after you die?

People with great abilities, such as the creator of the RSS Feed Aaron Swartz, were so upset about the state of the real world that they killed themselves — Swartz decided to hang himself after a painful work incident.

Powerful digital leaders need to be reintegrated and taken seriously — they should be honoured. Don’t do it like Aaron Swartz. You can shape our tomorrow.

For Politicians: Your tone towards the digital leaders will define what they build, how they build it and who they build it for.

We need a safe space for discussion. A space where things are possible, a forum where ideas and the current state of the world are discussed respectfully and openly in order to achieve the best possible future for humanity .

This is the World Datanomic Forum

We combine numbers (data) and words — also to bridge a cultural gap of communication between online and offline leaders of different industries and the public life— as well as to provide certainty and security through numbers and secure research activities.

You don’t have to wear a tie to the meetings if you don’t want to.

You will be taken seriously if you show up and people will be respectful towards your work and your abilities.

The World Datanomic Forum is more of a place for philosophical brainstorming (both online and offline) rather than a forum for you to find answers related to technical challenges.

You can reach out to us or to me if you build something crazy so that we can talk about it silently, and so that you can get introduced to the right people…if you want that.

Don’t be part of the problem. Be part of the solution (Disclosing your identity will not be necessary).

Paula Schwarz

November 24th 2017.

Final Notes to digital leaders:

The hardest job is to be a responsible creator.

Today, we don’t only face digital problems — we face massive cultural ones.

It’s a war of the worlds and it’s already happening at full speed.

Making updates and coming up with new innovation is not your hardest or only task these days: it is to be a good human being and a responsible creator.

What has become difficult for digital leaders is to act according to their morals and to remind themselves of the fact that they have a heart.

Remember to be the change you want to see when you stare at a machine – all day every day.

Accept your responsibility and own up to your power

We must learn to trust in ourselves and in our own sanity — and also in others who seem anonymous to us.

If everyone owns their own identity and can operate under a pseudonym — having to trust strangers will become an essential part of our everyday reality. Trusting in yourself is the beginning.