…honestly, I never had a problem with sexual harassment but I feel deply for those who did!

On another note, I think women often identify themselves as ‘wifes, girlfriends and daughters’ and are thus not good at saying no to powerful men. Now that (!) is a problem I had too.

Think about it: Historically speaking, men would pay money to families of women as a gift, a dowry.

In many societies, you still pay for your woman just like you pay for a cow on the market. This is also often still the case in the western world.

The most beautiful women were (and still are?) the most expensive ones.

This has had a massive effect on how women perceive themselves in our society today, it is supported by a massive marketing and fashion industry, and I really wish that women would try to get out of this partly self-imposed brainwashing in order to really understand that they are worth so much more than just their bodies, that they are god damn lucky to have a mind and a heart – and that they should use these tools freely!!!Be in love with yourselves, girls!!

#Metoo, I had a gender-mindblock. #Metoo, I victimized myself by trying to be ‘the perfect woman’ for a while. #Metoo, I sent out wrong signals to men. #Metoo, I am against a society that promotes a self-image of women as being luxury items on a market. #Metoo, I think that we have to step up as women and be proud of who we really are – rather than to serve some stupid roles in society that are old and harmful.

Looking back in history, women needed men in order to provide for themselves. A pregnancy lasts 9 months and women needed men to help them out. Raising children is still a lot of work but things are much different now. We have more and better support systems.

I think that women out there should try to learn to first stand alone, master their mind and heart, and then invest time in picking exactly what it is that they want rather than to try and be, act and think as ‘the perfect daughter, wife or girlfriend.’

We are not robots or slaves of our families, and we should be proud of that. Own the moment, every day and always. Marry yourself first.

I regard both the social perception, but also the self-perception of women as a personal insult.

#YouToo – question if your mind is free and if you are living up to your full potential.

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Historic facts pointed to in this article were taken from ‘Homo Sapiens – A Brief History Of Humankind‘ by Yuval Noah Harari.