Paula Schwarz
Nov 19, 2017 · 2 min read

The First Rule Of Datanomics:

When you share data, everyone has more data.

Why this is so important

Let’s play a game.

Please try to imagine that the internet is like a digital nature.

The internet is made of data.

(source 1)

Thus, understanding data is somewhat like understanding our real world nature.

To be clear: Data basically just means ‘individual pieces of information‘.

(source 2)

You can learn to understand data too – trust me!

Rule 1:

When you share data, everyone has more data. Data is not like earth or like money.

Remember: the processes and rules in the digital nature are different!

Have you ever seen gravity online?

What about borders?

Things work differently.

Resource scarcity is another thing that works differently online, but there are so many more examples!

The Problem Of The Worlds

Our problem as people online and offline today is that we have applied the rules for people in the real world to the digital nature. We cannot continue to live with the same rules we implemented in our real world before the creation of the internet.


Think about online speed.

The rules we have in our real world are simply not applicable to the nature of the internet.

The real world and the digital world are interlinked, because we live in both – we, the people, live in both.

You see?

We have to stop trying to dress an elephant as a zebra.

It is just not in the nature of the elephant to be a zebra.

The internet is not planet earth – the rules are different.

We need new, different rules that allow for more just and transparent progress – to benefit as many people as possible:

Welcome to the aera of the World Datanomic Forum.


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Source 2:

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