Nick, I largely agree.
Jim Knight

Jim, great thoughts here! Have you found any promising #edtech related to “The AI enhanced schooling system could now empower teachers to coach individual learners to meet their own motivations, aptitudes, weaknesses and needs. Pace and pedagogy can then be individually modulated.”

I see solutions like Khan Academy and others touting personalized learning, and applying AI to customize which questions get served up to students, but so much of what kids need to learn is beyond mere knowledge acquisition or formula execution. Yes, kids need to know how to write and read and do maths. But like you say, they need to be able to learn all throughout their lives and pivot if things change. How do you teach that through AI?

I’d like to see #edtech help teachers implement a PBL classroom for example — help them help students working on 29 different projects, needing 29 different types of interactions to help them advance and learn. Wonder if anyone’s going there yet.