In your eyes lies a light that i know you don’t see..
You fight fierce battles that only your soul truly knows of..
So,you smile and walk an extra mile with your head held high like the strong warrior you are..
But,your scars leave marks..
Marks that flaw your skin,so you wear your sleeves long to cover up..
But i wish you could see..that your scars arent flaws,they’re art.
Painting aligning Colours to your being,longing for you to embrace this expression of beauty that your soul desires for many to learn and feel warmth from...
And i long for your eyes to see this..
For your lips to smile from deep inside..
To see that through the fine line between beauty and being beguile..
The enigmatic touch of your paradoxical tale lights a flame so great within the pieces of my heart...
And i know,that many hearts yearn to know you for your beauty and shimmer...
But its your conflicted chaotic being that draws me closer to you..
So allow me,to be your Da Vinci..
Who sees past the mystery and is able to fathom the true meaning behind just a beautiful picture.
La joconde,calm and collected..
Whose lips curve deceiving the eyes.
Fireflies shall light the dark walls that shadow the core of your heart.
For you are art..
You’re my heart.
Sabes que te Mona Lisa.

Photo credit: good ol' Internet.

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