There is a song inside my head of unfamiliar tunes and melodies.Foreign words echo in the walls of my mind and the cage withholding my heart.
I...am filled with emotion of tender tides and wailing wolves.
Mist and dim moonlight in the cornea of my eyes.
So clouded and covered with no hope for a streak of sun ray to burst through.
It is I who knows why the confines of this secured cage of secrets remains hidden.,hiding the depths it could go and the beauty it with holds..
For I am the one who caged me this way..
Fleeing from simplicity because the yearn for chaotic dismay filled my whole being as it is what seemed right when life took a toll on positivity and rainbow colors...my truest friends,now swept away with the winds.
It is this dark cloud that calmed me,that tortured my emotions till I couldn’t feel anymore.Numbing these unexplained sparks people call love because, what is love when love is what led me here?or maybe,it is because this was not love in the first place.
Maybe it was all lies and tales that I allowed you to tell me because I could see color in your eyes while you saw me simply as an object for your satisfaction.
I,I still recall the time you ripped me off the rips of my jeans,the buttons of my blouse, as you cupped my mouth with one hand and with the other, pushing me against the wall.Through my tears you,you gratified your flesh,devouring my dignity and wilting my white flowers to the ground. 
An object I was in your eyes...
The World and more you were in mine.
So,unfamiliar tunes are playing in my head.A choir in worship.
Foreign Words.A Pastor.
All words adding up to implanting psalms 51:10. 
The words Echo...a clean heart,a renewed right spirit within.
To let go of this dark cloud I’ve let in for long and allow grace from He they call Divine to settle inside me.
Tears filled my eyes,but,
Full Moonshine caved in.
My dark forest clearing,
Giving a Starting line to sunrise.

Artwork Credits: Deviant Art.

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