How Not to Care What People Think About You

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One of my buddies said, “Paul one of the things I admire the most about you is that you do not care what anybody thinks about you.”

Now that’s not true. I do care. I’ve got like three, uh, no two people that I really care about what they think. Don’t judge me!

When I say I don’t care, it’s not that I don’t care about people, but I don’t care about their judgment .Why don’t I care what people think? I’m going to give you four types of people super quick.

Number one, and this is from the Internet so you know it’s true! Every year about 42.5 million American adults suffer from some mental illness, 18.2%. Now if I was to round that up I would round it to roughly 32%, so about a third of people have a disorder!!! :)

I’m not making fun of disorders and I’m not making fun if you’re medicated or if you need extra support in that way. I’ve been pretty clear that I’m un-medicated and ADHD often to the extreme so I’ve got my own disorders thank you very much.

So number one is a lot of people actually have serious problems. I’ve had a guy email me and say that he hated me so much he wanted to bash my head in with a rock. Me. Can you believe that? He wants to hurt Mr Sarcasm with a Smile. You know he’s in the 32%.

Secondly, a lot of people are just hurting. They’re wounded, they’ve been hurt by life and they are just lashing out. It’s not that you caused their problem and you’re not their problem at all, but somebody is their problem. We just happen to be the targets so we’ve got to cut them out because we can’t let that dominate our mind.

The third type of person is the person who’s just jealous. They are angry. They are wanting to be in your position. They feel like you’re getting undue attention that they should be getting. They’re going to write a bad review. They’re going to say snarky comments. In some way they’re going to try to detract from you right?

Be prepare because the moment you do good someone will step in to tell the world you’re bad.

Fourth type is just that there are personality differences. It’s no big deal. We’re not meant to get along with everybody. We’re not meant to like everybody. We can love people, we can love humanity and still not get along with folks and just clash.

The number one reason that most of us get bothered by what other people say and think us because that’s where we’re seeking our validation. It’s where me measure our worth and so if we get un-liked by one person we start to question our very existence. That could qualify us for the 32%.

Listen, we should just be doing good stuff. We should be doing valid things. We should be living valuable lives and that should be enough for us. That should make us feel like that it is good that we are alive today because somebody else is blessed or somebody else grew or we helped somebody else. That’s what our life and our purpose is really about. It’s about service, it’s not about measuring every comment that comes into us.

Do I care what people think about me? Most of the time I don’t and you shouldn’t either as long as you’re living a valuable life that should be above all the rocks even if there are some 32% that want to bash your head in. Hey somehow in light of that, be blessed.

Success is not an accident.