You might skip this one if you’re dealing with a gambling addiction.

The house always wins; you’ve heard it before. Ever put much thought into why? I think a general first reaction you’d hear when people encounter this phrase is, “Well yeah, the game’s rigged.” …

Create and be fulfilled.

What Are We Looking For When We Scroll?

How many lost souls are up late, wandering? We stay up late, not to the beat of our own drums, but to the rhythm of obsessive clicks. There are endless new articles, and interesting videos to keep us “entertained”. We wade through a flood of articles…

Lessons from the inside of the corporate world, stolen by a creative.

I Never Felt Like I Belonged, But I Learned

Fortune Magazine publishes a list of the 500 largest companies in America annually. …

We’re looking for writers with ambition.

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Are You Inspired?

What drives a person to climb Mount Everest? What inspires a person to build a company that changes how the world works, or to write a book that changes people’s minds?

I’ve been asking questions like this for as long as I can remember…

Improve your writing career while you learn a little about what to do with your earnings

Full Disclosure: This is not financial advice, and I’m not a financial advisor.

Learn to Properly Invest in Your Writing Career

“It is not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results.” -Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet is one of the most recognizable names in investing. For many, he is an icon of success, and rightfully so. Berkshire…

Do you feel guilty sitting down to create?

Photo by Elijah M. Henderson on Unsplash

In one of the most memorable scenes in movie history, a small group of musicians decides to play, amidst the chaos around them. Do you know this scene?

It takes on a frigid spring night, over the Atlantic Ocean. …

How we move forward with liberty. Together.

Holidays are some of the best times for reflection. The novelty of everything makes it easy to recall the past, and think about the future. This Independence Day, my thoughts pertain mostly to the present, and the next 4 years.

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

July 4th was…

A closer look into s surprising issue

The tragic news of George Floyd’s unjust death has brought an all too familiar conversation to the forefront of the nation. Why do we have such a glaring issue with police brutality?

That question in itself is not an easy one to answer…

How to keep going when the climb seems way too steep

When’s the last time you thought, after I make it past this, it’s all smooth sailing from here?

When I look back on things, I’ve been through some hectic and trying times. There’s definitely a lot I’ve had to…

What lights their work on fire to make it shine so bright?

We can’t count how many writers or artists gave up; their hands are not in the air. We don’t know how many were present at one time, thinking they were a writer. …

Paulie Stabbs

Artist & writer | Tacoma, WA | Let’s work together

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