but we shouldn’t think that the parents who aren’t connected to these things don’t care about their child’s progress.
School to Home Connection
Cindy López

I literally just mentioned this on somebody’s else’s post. This is so true. Your entire blog response hit a lot of the points that I’ve brought up or believe in. I think that as teachers it becomes easy to judge parents who aren’t keeping up with their students in the way that we can see and regulate. One of the things that I can thinking about is the possibility of parental shame, which struck a chord when I read about your parents apologizing for not going finishing school themselves, or not knowing the material. All I can think about now is all those parents who might willingly not connect with travers because they are ashamed of what “they cannot do” for the children, and seeing a teacher as the reminder of that, since we are the ones that give them these projects or ideas that their parents might be unfamiliar with or simply because of a language barrier.

I always think it’s odd when parents talk to me as if knew everything because I’m a teacher. I try to make sure that parents know that even though teaching is hard, that what I do is nothing compared to the lessons that they teach their children. It seems at times that parents seek teacher validation. Teachers cannot be the ultimate authority on parents, who am I to judge or quantify the support parents provide to their children?

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