Hillary Lies About North Korea And Syria, Proves She Was The More Hawkish Choice
Caitlin Johnstone

Donald Trump’s appalling rhetoric aside, it’s difficult to see how Hillary Clinton would have been any more progressive than him in foreign policy and Caitlin Johnstone is right in saying that she might have been worse. And as godawful as Trump is, at least he pulled the US out of the Trans Pacific Partnership, the worst trade deal ever negotiated, which Hillary flip-flopped on and probably would have flipped on again if she’d been elected. Hillary’s support for Israeli apartheid and genocide discredit her thoroughly and make it impossible for Democrats to claim that she was even remotely progressive. Her support for the illegal coups in Honduras and Egypt and the brutal suppression of the pro-democracy movement in Bahrain will be a permanent stain on her record as secretary of state. I’m not sure I’d call her the ‘lesser evil’; I think Hillary and Trump are both thoroughly evil~!