This lovely rabbit came for a health check, his teeth are not overgrown and his diet is appropriate, well done!

Eating healthier is often on the top list of our New Year Resolutions…what about improving our rabbits’ diet in 2019?

Rabbits are herbivorous. Their teeth grow constantly, so they need to keep chewing and nibbling through the day to avoid overgrown teeth. An appropriate diet is essential to save your pet rabbits from gut stasis, obesity and painful dental problems.

So what is the recipe for a healthy diet for your rabbits?

  • At least their own body size of good quality hay per day
  • A handful of fresh leafy greens morning and evening
  • A table spoon of rabbit nuggets per day as a supplement
  • Fresh drinking water ad libitum

Watch out for common diet mistakes:

  • Carrots or fruits are treats and should only be given in very small portions.
  • Do not give any muesli type food, this is not healthy for rabbits!

To change your rabbits´ diet, you need a progressive transition over 3 to 4 weeks. A sudden change could upset their digestive system.

To finish, healthy rabbits produce daily moist poops that they eat directly from their bottom and are dietary essentials. So don’t tell your rabbits “You are what you eat” … as they could get offended!