A Year Closer To Death

High school, for me, was a place with so many events- numerous happenings and adventures of my awesome young self. With these came moments of happiness, sadness and some where I just didn't know what was going on. I've heard some elites call it ‘going through the motions’.

One of the 1000 and 1 blessings I count is the gift of friends who were never afraid to hide anything they felt and said what was on their minds with admirable frankness- a rare quality at such an age where pleasing your peers is top of your become popular list.

Enter one of my birthdays. Amidst all the jubilations and gifts and cards, one message stood out! This cool friend of mine had written a simple note:

“Happy Birthday Pauline, you’re one year closer to the grave! Cheers!”

Whoa! For a teenager living in constant fear of death, this message did not only sound rude but scary and I almost concluded that she was a sadist! Thanks be to God, I don’t live in fear of death anymore.

Two decades and counting, those words are still etched on the very core my heart — talk about making an impact! Now, I would very much like to see my birthday as one year closer to death. And that the inspiration for all celebrations thereafter will be this. No, I’m not afraid of physical death because of what God has done. I only fear that the clock is ticking yet thoughts and visions of the legacy I’ll leave when I depart to glory flood my mind on a daily. The words I’d like on my tombstone and how I don’t want to be remembered 30 years after I pass on (Oh yes, we’re thinking a legacy that long or even longer) and the knowledge that what actually matters is the brand of legacy left.

Far more important than the quantity of life, is the quality of life — Unknown

Some get a chance to live life twice and make right some mistakes but that is not guaranteed for us all. Live life today like it were your last day- even when you know it isn't, using your breath to give life to this world that so desperately needs it. Making it to the Hollywood walk of fame is too small a thing to live for. Forget not that it is usually the small and ignored little things we do for others that weigh more than that which you are applying a lot of effort to do…like a simple smile. Speak with every syllable of your words giving life and your actions adding value to others and above all, know that when you fall down 7 times, you can stand up 8!