Brains Without The Holy Spirit? No, Thank You!

The war between beauty and brains has waged on since time immemorial especially among the male fraternity. One fine gentleman may say, “Beauty paves a faster way to success with its charm and charisma.” His counterpart on the other hand has this to offer, “Brain is ultimate. Beauty would fade away with time, but brain is eternal and it gets polished and shines more with time and increasing age.” This one nailed it, “The adverse times being the right ones to judge, the brain shines like a diamond and paves its way out of the difficult situation, however, the beauty gets tugged up into trouble.”

This argument is doubtlessly not about to come to an end but of course Brain has more chances of emerging victor. You be the judge. One thing is clear: brains are important, so important that one would choose a lifetime partner depending on their IQ.

So recently, as I narrated my emotional vs intellectual experiences in trying to be more social to a friend, I happened to mention that when I start thinking, it appears I cannot stop. My mind practically gets a hold of me, pressing me for results, it becomes hard to stop. That is when dear friend, allow me baptize them ‘Wise’ dropped the bombshell. There is no way I’d seen it coming. In my mind’s eye, I had it all pictured— a long list of tips, dos and don’ts.

“Don’t trust your brain, trust the Holy Spirit.”

Oh yes, I’m a Christian and that is supposed to be basics but that is something I and a number of my brothers and sisters tend to forget all the time. For many a Christian, the Holy Spirit is the most ignored Person of the Trinity. He is frequently mistaken for instincts, conscience or even replaced with common sense! We trust our brains and intellect to lead and guide us in a world we are mostly clueless about (20 years on earth cannot be enough experience!) We instead call it logic and reasoning.

BUT, what if you were introduced to a dimension where TRUTH stands where logic fails, where the wisdom of this world is trampled underfoot and put to shame. I’m talking IQ 300 got nothing on the Holy Spirit.

One of the most controversial miracles of Jesus Christ was healing a blind man with mud from saliva. Now there’s something medicine will unanimously disagree with. Perhaps, let’s talk about General Naaman, commander of the army of the King of Aram who when struck with leprosy couldn't bring himself to dip 7 times in the Jordan because logically, the waters in Damascus were cleaner and better and fresher. “Surely the prophet could have laid hands on me and I’d be well,” he thought. Long story short, he was advised by his servants to do as required and when he did, the results were spectacular!

Clearly, intelligence is the most highly valued human trait there is. It sets us above other creatures but it’s high time we put an end to boxing the Holy Spirit in and let Him be Who is meant to be: Teacher, Counselor, Advocate, the list is endless. He is gentle and will not forcefully have His way in us BUT His importance in the daily journey of a Christian is extremely vital that Jesus told the disciples not to leave Jerusalem until they had received Power from on high.

Time’s up! We must stop trusting our human wisdom, trust God more and enjoy the companionship of the Holy Spirit which we cannot do without. Sometimes what God requires of us will not make sense in our carnal minds but obedience in faith will get us soaring like an eagle when it is all said and done. You’ll testify! So, give me brains without the Holy Spirit any day, no thank you!

Your own ears will hear Him. Right behind you a Voice will say, “This is the way you should go,”
Isaiah 30:21(NLT)
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