Why Are White Dudes The Only People Who Leave Negative Comments On My Essays?
John Gorman

I’ll tell you why I don’t like this post. If you truly want to know why people do what they do, particularly when you see it as negative, I believe it’s best to not add fuel to the fire.

Trying to get past our differences is a very difficult challenge which very few people seem willing or capable of taking on. People frequently come from a very divisive perspective and spend more time criticizing people they believe don’t share their values or focusing on those who share their values.

In comment sections, people frequently don’t bother to even read previous comments as they pose questions that have been raised previously and answered by the author. This indicates they’re more interested in making their point rather than listening to or learning someone else’s.

It’s much easier to speculate about why people do what they do than to go through the process of finding out which requires us to draw upon empathy towards those we find offensive.

In general, I believe a high tide raises all boats and a more tolerant world would be a better world. This is much easier said than done. People seem to more easily express their dissatisfaction than to set it aside and listen. I hope angry people are able to channel their anger into productive change so they can move forward.