The Way We View Mental Health is Backwards and Absurd
Benjamin Sledge

In our country, too often we neglect both our body and our minds which is especially damaging when we’re surrounded by poor food choices, stress, and none of us know when we or a loved one will face significant mental health challenges. Check out this NAMI link to get some statistics on how prevalent mental health issues are:

More than anything else, having a focus on mental health will improve the quality of our lives and those around us. Decades ago, people believed getting cancer was a death sentence and being diagnosed with a mental illness meant being separated from the rest of society.

Fortunately things have improved though we still need to turn the corner and recognize that we will live better lives and be more effective when we value and take care of ourselves rather than taking good mental health for granted or arrogantly presuming there’s no room for improvement.

In a complex, diverse, and often divisive culture we’ll need to use our collective minds to navigate through life. Burying our heads in the sand about the realities and benefits of prioritizing mental health seems crazy to me.