Truth Behind Netflix's 'Afflicted'

It’s exploitive of Netflix to edit your story to fit an editorial POV they were aiming for which seems to be modus operandi for reality TV shows. Trying to squeeze as much drama out of people’s lives for commercial or other gain is immoral in my opinion especially when the complex issues are presented in such a distorted and cartoonish way.

The issues of how the by products of our technological society effect/affect us is worthy of serious and reflective consideration.

The process of medicine and the health insurance industry is complex and tends to be very conservative which can significantly impact the healthcare options for people who have symptoms that aren’t adequately addressed by the current healthcare status quo.

Common sense can interfere with our ability to evaluate symptoms and may cause us to jump to fallacious conclusions about what is happening.

There are unscrupulous people who will attempt to exploit desperate people who haven’t received effective treatment from the healthcare system or who mistrust the system and seek alternative treatment.

The mind is not a separate entity from our body and the two are integrated as one irrespective of our conscious thoughts about it. We should address both our physical and mental health in an integrated way rather than as some sort of zero sum game where there are only winners and losers — that it’s either all in your head or all in your body.

Life altering symptoms which are being addressed in the traditional healthcare system are very stressful on the person experiencing them and their loved ones.

To be accurate about their program, Netflix should have given a disclaimer to potential participates and viewers that it was for entertainment purposes only and that the views depicted may be edited accordingly and may not reflect the views or experience of the participants.

A more respectful, accurate and thoughtful program on people who seek treatment outside of the traditional healthcare system would be useful to start developing some consensus about how we can collectively address these issues more effectively. Programs like Afflicted will inhibit people from coming forward and setback rather than advance those discussions. This discussion will also significantly impact our current healthcare system which has significant room for improvement.