What Kind of Logo Do You Get for $5?
Sacha Greif

I would quite like to know about the usage-rights for the stock-based logos. I’m not 100% confident that someone who would use that kind of service, and pass the work off as their own; would be the kind of person who would pay the subscriptions charges too; when such a thing can be “Torrented” easily.

I make websites for a living, mostly WordPress…When I look on the Freelancer.com style sites, it really disheartens me to see people offering up what I charge around £500-750 for, for around $50. I can’t and won’t compete on that level, and when I see their results, and really look into it; they’re questionable at best.

I have nothing against using pre-made Wordpress themes, and I’ll happily use a good one — but these people tend to butcher them; in the eyes of someone who knows what he’s looking at.

But most of all, it’s about honesty, saying up front what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

See Also: I’ve seen ‘template’ style courses on Udemy; where content is practically identical.

See Also 2: ClickFarms to increase a user’s reputation on these places.

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