Top 5 Events to attend at Pause Fest 2016

Business Breakfast

Pause Fest Business Breakfast with Adriana Gascoigne and Bibop Gresta

This is one breakfast where you won’t need a double espresso to wake you!

Over a delicious fully-catered breakfast, hear from two of the most interesting tech minds of today — Bibop Gresta, COO and Chief at Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, and Adriana Gascoigne Founder and CEO of Girls in Tech.

What are their inspiring ideas and how are they working to truly change the future? Find out at this inspiring and stimulating early morning wake up call. Friday 12th February, 7:30am.

Explainer Video Workshop

Explainer Video Workshop — Pause Fest 2016

A well-crafted video is a powerful way to share a new concept with an audience. With no shortage of innovative products and services competing for attention engaging potential clients with your vision is crucial.

Learn to create an authentic message that reflects what your business or project is all about in this hands-on workshop. Break down the elements of a good story and to create a visual narrative using affordable tools — your smartphone and apps. Covering every part of creating an explainer video- from discovering a powerful systematic approach to constructing a compelling story, producing a storyboard and practical filming and editing tips. Hosted by Megan Davis, Lead Storyteller of Spendlove and Lamb, and Tania Sheward — Producer / Director. Saturday 13th February, 9am.

The Explainers Panel

What should we be more afraid of: working for robots or the people who designed them? Our expert panel will de-bunk and unpack what it means to live in a world where technology is solving more of our problems than ever before. Should we be focussing innovation and money on concepts that excite a few engineers and venture capitalists in Silicon Valley versus the problems that face the other 6.9 billion people on the planet?

Panel includes experts from different parts of the innovation chain — from innovation to implementation:
Matt Taylor — Founder, The Explainers
Nic Hodges — Head of Innovation, News Corp
Kat Clark — Technologist, Hello Developers
Andrew Apostola — Founder, Portable

Thursday 11th February, 10:30am

Discover Service Design for the Future

It’s a growing industry, with everyone from banks, to social enterprises using this to create value for their organisations, and the people they interact with. Yet often Service Design is a misunderstood discipline.

General Assembly is here to help with a free masterclass for anyone that has an interest in applying the design process to solve complex problems. In a hands-on crash course, you’ll learn a high level approach and key tools and practices of service design. Leaving you with a greater understanding of how to design with consideration for both the user and the organisation involved in the service. Monday 8th February, 6:30pm.

VR Bootcamp

The Virtual Reality Market is projected to reach $15.89 Billion by 2020, with Asia-Pacific region set to hold the 2nd largest share of this rapidly growing market.

Keeping up-to-date is key in this ever evolving industry, that’s why this VR bootcamp will be focussed on discussing some current VR post production projects and various presenters from the industry will demonstrate post-production workflows for VR. We will also look at current workflows people are using with existing tools and what is currently happening in the VR landscape. This free workshop presented by The Foundry is a must for anyone working in, or breaking into VR. Thursday 11th February, 6:30pm.

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