Interaction Design is dead. What now?
Ralph Ammer

Clickbait title.

  1. Interaction design is far from dead. Interactions still need to be designed. If there is such a narrow-niche role as “interaction design” (sounds intrinsically bound to ANY THING THAT IS DESIGNED THAT PEOPLE INTERACT WITH), I’m confident that it is crucial to the design process.
  2. For such a complete, solved, non-innovation-inspiring portion of design, there sure seems to be a lot of pure shit interactivity out there. Someone (not you) should design it better.
  3. Design doesn’t have its roots in craft, design is problem solving. Craft is the act of making what you’ve designed: you craft designs.
  4. What if the craft you choose is, wait for it, interaction design? Does smoke come out of your ears as a paradox rips you in half?

Writing about design is like dancing about architecture

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