Shit Loops In Design
Adrian Zumbrunnen

this article is a shit loop, i got to the bottom of it after trying to find out what a shit loop is and didn’t see anything meaningful.

Like how you quoted the first google hit for “how do I turn off voice control” but didn’t post the answer: siri on or set passcode settings.

In short, your entire article involves an ignorant audience making mistakes, and claiming it is the software’s (programming) responsibility or opportunity to babysit them away or back from mistakes.

Gosh, someone rolled their face on their keyboard and it made their UI look weird, therefore educational pop-ups are useful? Whatever happened to, you know, simply learning the tools and not needing every tool to come with a tutorial or be rubberized?

Oh no, an option on my phone that I left on, tacitly approving it, is not acting the way I want?

Oh no, I press buttons before results are fully loaded.

Help! Hellllllllllllp! I’m stuck in a shit loop! I don’t know how I got here and I don’t know how to exit! I turned off my monitor accidentally and sat on my keyboard! Help!

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