Trump Will Resign By The Summer — Here’s How It’s Going To Happen
Allan Ishac

Hey Allan,

You. Are. Brilliant!

Unfortunately for me, this is only your first that I’ve read, and I cant imagine anything bettering this. Amazing felicity with words, and deliciously impish thoughts that I suspect are wishes of the majority of civilized, literate, educated Americans who must be kicking themselves. To say nothing of Lincoln and his ilk who — God bless their souls — must be on a constant, looped turning in their graves.

In fact, I remember thinking that a likely rollout would be Trumpty Dumpty — to borrow from one of your several excellent monikers — would probably get impeached for a mix of treason, delusional madness and mercenary opportunism of the wealth- and butt-grabbing kind and seek asylum from Putin. And if I may suggest, how Putin would ‘welcome’ and put to work his orange performing flea could well be your sequel to this excellent piece. If you take up my suggestion, send me that IPR-co-ownnership form when you hire that agent Ken’s recommended :)

Can’t wait to check out your other pieces. I’ve had a constant grin on my face remembering your brilliant mix of thoughts and the language. Keep at it!

And God bless America!


pavanrchawla[AT] gmail

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