10 years back you wouldn’t have found many articles on the Internet that teach you the ways to become a successful blogger, but now you can find them dime a dozen. What does this shift in trend tell you? That blogging world is filled to the brim, and to be a successful blogger requires more than just talent.

Talent is like an aircraft without wings. Sure it has an engine, cockpit, and whatnot; but you can’t fly without wings, can you? Same holds true for a blogger. If you are to fly in the blogging world, you need more than talent — You need wings! And this article will give you just that!

Here are 7 short-yet-sharp tips that will propel you to blogging superstardom (Don’t Read Tip #1 before others).

Tip #7: Know Your Audience

Precise and focused writing always wins readers. For that, you must first define and understand your target audience. Once you know the needs and wants of your audience, you’re already half successful.

Tip #6: Regularity is the Key

To make your blog addictive, you must churn out regular content. Keep a schedule and publish your blog posts regularly without fail. This will form a compulsive habit in your readers to expect your blog posts at a certain time.

Tip #5: Bring In Your Uniqueness

If your blog sounds like it could’ve been written by any Tom’s hairy ducks, then you’ve failed. As simple as that. Be it the title, the tone, or the subject-matter, it should have your unique personality in it.

Tip #4: Design has an Impact

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to your blog design. But what’s important is that the design should complement your blog’s theme and it should be professional. Make no mistake, professional doesn’t mean dull.

Tip #3: Develop a Community

A successful blog directly translates to a successful online community. Right from the start, keenly work on building an interactive reader base. Respect your readers, respond to their comments duly, and make their time worthwhile.

Tip #2: Use Other Social Media

This is where we get to the core of becoming a successful blogger. Never limit your social interaction just to your blog. Make use of other social-media platforms to successfully spread the word of your blog. Market yourself. But, don’t spam!

Tip #1: Social Blogging is the Future!

There is social-media world and there is blogging world — And then there is SOCIAL-BLOGGING world. The previous tip asked you to use social media and blogging parallelly, but this tip says you should combine them both in one place. Social-blogging websites like Affimity, Tumblr, and a few other emerging ones give you the best of both worlds. So if you jump on to social blogging right now, you could be the next superstar blogger!

Pavan Belagatti

Written by

Google Certified #DigitalMarketing Evangelist #Blogger #SocialMedia Expert. The Future Digital Marketing Guru...

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