How my tweet almost broke Twitter

Pavan Belagatti
Mar 22, 2016 · 2 min read
Leo on Oscar 2016 event

This was on 29th Feb 2016 where I was searching for a trend so that I can use it for our content marketing. Then I found Oscar event which was going viral, of course it should go viral. I saw Leonardo Di Caprio was the focal point in this event when everyone was praying that at least this time he should get an Oscar.

Then I came across a gif/mime that I thought of using on Affimity and share the link on Twitter with the hash tag #LeonardoDiCaprio. I researched a bit about the content to use on Twitter.

Since everybody was bombarding the messages on Twitter using the hash tag #LeonardoDiCapri and #Oscar, I wanted to be a bit different and unique.

So after a thorough research, I found out what to say on Twitter. This is what I came-up with — “ It took 27 years & a bear, but it finally happened! #LeonardoDiCaprio you deserved this one

Then whatever happened was a magic and I was so happy to see that magic happening with so many people Re-tweeting and Liking my tweet. The stats of this tweet were just mind blowing.

The stats are as below,

Tweet stats

How I did this?

> Finding-out what relevant news is trending on the internet.

> Making analysis on how well you can connect this particular topic to your content marketing strategy.

> Being different than others and use the words that you can connect well with the trending story.

> Make a mime, gif or image that depicts the trending story really well.

> Use relevant hash tags. Don’t be late, if you delay then you might just lose the game since the life a tweet is very less.

> Publish your content on every possible content platform using your Tweet link.

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