Is Ronda taking her public persona too seriously?

Recently I came across a post about Ronda Rousey’s new interview with Ellen, in which Ronda talked about her loss to Holly Holm. I watched the interview and I will be adding the link to the interview so that ya’ll watch it too, because I am gonna be talking about something closely related to it. Just my thoughts.

I saw Ronda breakdown and cry as soon as the topic of her defeat came. She was crying there like a baby uncontrollably. This is the same Ronda who had a strong, borderline bitchy persona months back. Now she couldn’t carry that persona because her vanity is so hurt. Her identity is hurt. Lost. Now she has to regain it by fighting Holly. It sorta reminds me of Apollo Creed from Rocky.

This got me thinking. All the public persona these celebrities put, these personas in no way tell us about who the real person is. Often times, these personas are the fantasy the celebrities have about themselves. They project this fantasy, and people accept this fantasy and even rejoice in it. But what does it do to those celebrities?

Celebrities get so entangled and embedded into this fantasy persona (I don’t wanna call it fake) that their whole identity starts revolving around it. Their real personality starts getting buried inside this fantasy. And most of their life revolves around this fantasy.

This is such a sad way to live. Once they get into this fantasy, they most likely can never come out. Their vanity will much rather allow them to die than come out of the fantasy. I see the same thing happening to Ronda. This fantasy persona is killing her. And all I can do is lament over that in a small post here…

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