Recall the quote, ‘Content is king’…..
Content Marketing has been an integral part of many start-ups and yes its very important. The content we write has many things attached to it, it’s not about just writing, some effort is must to analyse and plan your content.

What your content marketing strategy should take care of? Look at the following points,
1. Vision of the company — To know whether your content aligns with the company’s vision and short term goals.

2. Trending talks within the industry — You must be well aware on the facts about what type of fats are trending and getting good hype within your industry.

3. Being creative and different — We have always seen Facts like inspiration, interviews, emotional, social cause etc have done a good job of getting viral. Combined with memes, infographics, gif’s etc.

3. Reaching out to influencers to share your content — Whenever you write something, make sure it reaches your influencers first. Tell them to share it

4. Making your own style — Coming up with your own style of content creation might make it go viral. Twitter started using hashtags & tags, and it became a norm. Some people write things like ‘Top 5’ ‘Must know facts’ etc

5. Make sure to think before you ink — While writing any content, think about the third person, the third person here can be your friend, customer etc. Think about the fact that, will you share it if you see it on the internet.

6. Always try stats — Always try to involve some stats in your writing. Showing stats to people has worked really well for many.

7. Make sure you are solving their problems — Think like the content you are creating as an advertisement. Have you ever noticed Ads properly? What do they do? The idea behind any ad is to give solutions to the viewers. Creating a need and solving it is the main agenda of these ads.
For example — The toothpaste ad always talks about if your toothpaste has salt in it. People tend to think about this and they ask for that toothpaste which has salt in the stores. Same thing goes to any hand wash products etc

8. Don’t copy others content, you don’t have any idea about their objective and vision. You analyze and you write, be unique and creative.

Hope now you know what to do while creating content, let me sum up —
> Think like a third person.
> Keep that objective of what you want to achieve with this content.
> Align your content with short-term goals of the company.
> Create a need and solve it.
> Don’t copy, be unique.

Here are the two biggest examples of content that went viral on the internet (taking BuzzFeed as example),
1. “Disaster Girl” — This particular photo went viral on BuzzFeed — It was a picture of a girl standing in front of a house that was burning down, and she had a sly look on her face like she set the house on fire.

2. “The Dress”- This wasn’t even original content. A BuzzFeed staffer essentially reposted something happening on Tumblr. But it felt like for a day or so, that everyone in the world was debating the color of this dress.

By the way, those two examples above were not even originally by BuzzFeed. Sometimes, playing it smartly can also make you go viral.

Now, tell me about your content creation strategy. What changes you are going to make?
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Pavan Belagatti

Google Certified #DigitalMarketing Evangelist #Blogger #SocialMedia Expert. The Future Digital Marketing Guru...

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